Editorial Policy

The journal THERMAL SCIENCE is dedicated to publishing original scientific papers presenting new results of fundamental and applied research in different, but closely connected fields: fluid mechanics (mainly turbulent flows), heat transfer, mass transfer, combustion and chemical processes, in single, and specifically in multi-phase and multi-component flows (including flows of nanofluids), high-temperature and chemically reacting flows. The important characteristic of the journal is to present fundamental results of the investigations of different and mutually connected physical and chemical processes, applicable in solving complex engineering processes in real conditions, and their mutual influences, present in thermal engineering, energy generating or consuming equipment and systems, process and chemical engineering equipment and devices, ecological engineering. Along with the use of conventional energy sources, special attention is paid to the use of renewable energy sources (solar energy, biomass, geothermal energy, etc.), energy efficiency and environmental protection. In order to create a basis for an optimal selection of scientific topics and address the mutual influence of fundamental research, applied research and R&D and present and future energy needs of industry and society, papers dedicated to strategic considerations of the complementary use of different energy sources, conventional, alternative and renewable, and sustainable development are welcome. It is the aim of this journal to publish papers written by experts from different fields: mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and related fields.

THERMAL SCIENCE also has an important role in informing international scientific community about the recent, and most prominent fundamental results achieved in developing countries, especially in South-East Europe, and particularly in Serbia. It also seeks to inform the scientists in South-East Europe about recent achievements in fundamental and applied science in developed countries, as they serve as the basis for rapid technology development.

To achieve and maintain high international standards of the published papers, reputed experts from different countries are involved in the journal’s International Advisory Board (45 experts from 25 countries, from Europe, America, Australia and Asia) and the Regional Editorial Board (12 members from South-East European countries: Bosnia&Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey).

The journal THERMAL SCIENCE, published by the Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, was founded in 1997 by the Yugoslav Society of Heat Transfer Engineers (now the Society of Thermal Engineers of Serbia).

The journal THERMAL SCIENCE publishes original papers that have not been published previously: scientific papers, review papers, short communications. The journal THERMAL SCIENCE has special sections: OPEN FORUM for fast information about new results as communications and short papers, and New Books, to inform about the most interesting books that have been published recently.

THERMAL SCIENCE is an Open Access journal.

Contributions to the Journal should be submitted in the English language, with an abstract also in English.

The Journal THERMAL SCIENCE is issued 6 times per year, and, from time to time, it publishes special issues (Supplements) dedicated to specific topics.