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Wei WANG Jie-Dong LIN Wan-Li ZHONG


The infrared temperature measurement technique has been applied in various fields with the development of Charge Coupled Device (CCD). In the problem of metal surface temperature measurement, if the surface is covered by participating media, the traditional infrared temperature measurement technique will lead to intolerable measurement errors. In this work, the infrared temperature measurement problem was solved by the Source Multi-Flux method. On this base, the impact of the flue gas thickness and surface temperature on the apparent temperature measured by the CCD was analyzed. Furthermore, the corresponding experimental system was set up. And the experimental results were found to have a good agreement with the simulated results. Finally, the idea of modification for the infrared temperature measurement by inverse method was proposed.

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WANG, Wei; LIN, Jie-Dong; ZHONG, Wan-Li. ANALYSIS OF INFRARED TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT FOR FLUE GAS SHIELDING METAL SURFACE USING SOURCE MULTI-FLUX METHOD. Thermal Science, [S.l.], mar. 2017. ISSN 2334-7163. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 22 feb. 2018. doi:
Received 2017-03-03
Accepted 2017-03-13
Published 2017-03-13


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