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Devendra KUMAR Jagdev SINGH Dumitru BALEANU


The article addresses a time-fractional modified Kawahara equation  through a fractional derivative with exponential kernel. The Kawahara equation describes the generation of nonlinear water-waves in the long- wavelength regime. The numerical solution of the fractional model of modified version of Kawahara equation is derived with the help of iterative scheme and the stability of applied technique is established. In order to demonstrate the usability and effectiveness of the new fractional derivative  to describe water waves in the long-wavelength regime, numerical results  are presented graphically.

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KUMAR, Devendra; SINGH, Jagdev; BALEANU, Dumitru. MODIFIED KAWAHARA EQUATION WITHIN A FRACTIONAL DERIVATIVE WITH NON-SINGULAR KERNEL. Thermal Science, [S.l.], mar. 2017. ISSN 2334-7163. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 20 feb. 2018. doi:
Received 2017-03-10
Accepted 2017-03-14
Published 2017-03-14


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